How I’m Preparing For My Second Pregnancy + A $75 Pink Blush Gift Card Giveaway

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Over the past few months, we have been considering giving our toddler a sibling. She is now 21 months and we wanted to wait at least 18 months to get pregnant again.

Part of the reason for waiting until 18 months is the benefits it has for the mother. Your chances of having a low-risk pregnancy are higher and it allows your body to heal from the first pregnancy.

Since I’ve been pregnant before I have the benefit of knowing what to expect. Today I wanted to share what I’m doing to prepare for a second pregnancy.

As I prepare for my second pregnancy making sure I have good maternity clothes is important. I'm excited to try PinkBlush's maternity jeans.

Stocking up on Maternity Clothes

A few weeks ago PinkBlush reached out to me to review some maternity clothes. The timing could not have been more perfect as we have been thinking about Baby #2.

Maternity Jeans

In my first pregnancy the items I wore the most were my maternity jeans. However they never really fit me properly. The next time around I knew I wanted to find a better more supportive pair.

Upon receiving my jeans from PinkBlush I could tell they were good quality. The jeans have a band around the belly that extends around to the back. The support is full coverage which will be really nice in the third trimester.


The second item I received from PinkBlush was this beautiful kimono. I have always admired this type of layering piece. I was excited to receive it.

My favourite part about this kimono is that I can wear it through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. It’s the perfect layering piece for over a dress or with jeans and a tank.


Ever since I started breastfeeding I have preferred wearing bralettes over nursing bras. They are a lot easier to pull down than a nursing bra and overall more comfortable. Plus I can sleep in a bralette and still nurse throughout the night.

Long Tank Tops

My other maternity clothing go to are long plain tank tops. I have a few from Old Navy from my first pregnancy which I still wear daily.

I like how these shirts are easy to nurse in and can be worn all throughout pregnancy.

Eat Healthier

I typically eat pretty healthily but as I prepare for pregnancy I’m focusing on eating more protein, drinking lots of water and of course taking my prenatal vitamin.

During my first pregnancy, I wrote a post on my favourite healthy pregnancy snacks. I’ve been referring back to that post to help stock up on some healthy foods.

Stay Active

Having a toddler I am constantly on my feet. I know that when I’m pregnant I’ll be super tired. I’m trying to savour the time I have while I still feel up to being more active.

Some of my favourite things to do with Lyla are going on walks, going to the park, exploring the Farmers Market.

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