My Second Article on Her View From Home!

In case you missed it my second article with Her View From Home got published today!

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I wrote this article one evening as I was reflecting on how grateful I am for my husband. We have been through a lot together.

Through it all, he has been my rock and the strongest person I’ve ever known. Even though I don’t enjoy going through struggles or times of waiting it’s all been worth it.

Not only has it made us stronger but my faith has been refined. As I learn to depend on God during the hard times. Over and over He shows me He is faithful and will bring us through.

If you can relate to this article I hope you share it or leave me a comment.

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5 Ways to Stay Strong Mentally as a Mom

As a new mom or really anyone leading a busy life, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by one’s present circumstances. Maybe you feel stuck or like things will never change or improve.

However, a goal I have for this year is to overcome my mental outlook and instead of being lead by my feelings into despair and sadness I’m working on telling myself how to feel.

My daughter is a great source of joy and I find myself choosing to be happy for her instead of moping around feeling sad or discouraged. She deserves to be happy and I want her to feel secure and loved despite how I’m feeling on the inside.

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My Husband Bought Me Donuts and I Cried…

My husband bought me donuts and I cried.

Maybe it’s because I’m hormonal. Even though I’m six months postpartum.

I cried because of his kindness.
These six donuts were around $20.
These were not ordinary donuts. They were locally made foodie, novelty, bakery donuts.

That we drove 20 minutes to get at a chic downtown shop.

I didn’t find out the price until later that day when he casually mentioned that he wanted to tell me something about the donuts.

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Letting Go of Unmet Expectations in Marriage

Unmet Expectations Lead to Dissatisfaction

A lot of the time life can feel unfair. Part of this feeling comes from expectations in marriage being unmet. I certainly expected my present circumstances to be different. I thought I’d work before having a baby, that I’d be in my own home, that I’d live near my family and friends. However, that’s not how life turned out. At times I feel jaded, sad and to be honest angry. I want control of my life.

Lately, I’ve been wrestling with this idea of control over my life. It doesn’t seem fair at times that the expectations of my current reality are unmet. I want to call the shots and know where my future is headed.

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4 Unexpected Ways Your Husband Wants to Make You Happy

Yes, your husband does want to make you happy!

You may have just read that title and thought “Courtney what are you talking about? You don’t know my husband, all he wants to do is irritate me.” Yes, I don’t know your specific situation, but I do know that if we change how we perceive our circumstances it can affect our relationships profoundly.

4 Unexpected Ways Your Husband Wants to Make You Happy

My husband isn’t perfect either. He leaves his dirty clothes on the floor even though the hamper is positioned for his exclusive convenience. Sometimes he makes annoying comments or is on his phone too much. We all have our quirks and no one is perfect. I do a lot of things that he doesn’t like either. This is expected in marriage because we tend to marry our opposites in terms of personality. Which research suggests is not a negative but rather having the same attitudes and values has a bigger impact on relational success.

Back to happiness and our husbands, if we look at the big picture of our relationship most of the time our husband’s goal is to make us happy. This was kind of an epiphany when I discovered this because it changed the way I saw my husband’s overall behaviour. As a result, I started seeing his actions as more favourable towards me.

His Career Choices

Career changes and choices can be a touchy subject, especially when it involves moving. If you can openly talk as a couple about how each of you feels and why you feel this way it can lead to a depth of understanding. In the beginning, it may feel like your husband is not on your side and wants to change everything. In the end, you realize these decisions are not easy for him either and the ultimate reason why he’s choosing this is to provide the best life he can for your family.

Honestly, as a female whose role is not to be the provider but rather the helper and support to her husband I will never understand the great burden my husband bears in his effort to provide. With this perspective, I can display more empathy in how I relate to my husband when he wants to pursue a new or different job. I realize his motive behind his choice is far from selfish.

For some, your husband’s work may look different. Perhaps he works long hours or even two jobs. I remember when I was younger my dad ran his own business during the day as an onsite truck mechanic and exhaust fabricator then at night he drove a septic truck. I would cry because I hardly ever saw my dad. Thankfully that time was only for a season and he was able to switch jobs. He chose to work that much because he had a family to care for and he was trying his best to give us a secure and happy life. At the time it wasn’t easy for us but looking back I can see his motivation was in the right place.

The Small Things

Career choices and changes are certainly a major area where males strive to make their wives and families happy. Husbands also try to provide happiness in smaller things. For example, maybe your husband surprises you with a large tea at 6 in the morning because he was thinking of you. The timing wasn’t ideal and he woke you up, but his intention was to make your day and show he cares about you.

If we can reframe how we perceive this interaction and affirm our husband’s intentions instead of tearing down their sometimes fragile self-esteem. We can encourage them to keep doing nice, thoughtful things for us (isn’t that what we all want?).

Whereas if we react in a negative or condescending way that takes aim at his pride he is likely to feel insulted and less motivated to repeat a behaviour meant to please you. Even if you didn’t want to have tea at 6 am it’s still important to genuinely thank your husband for thinking of you and being so sweet.

Treating You

Another way husbands try to make us happy is by treating us. One way they demonstrate this is by taking us out to dinner. Although I’m perfectly happy making food at home, I really appreciate it when my husband suggests we go out for dinner. I realize this is a rare treat and he wants to make our time together extra special.

Furthermore, husbands want to see their wives well dressed, with nice makeup and hair. At times the level of aesthetic desired by the wife isn’t always feasible. For example getting your hair done every six weeks or your nails. Sometimes though your hubby may spend some extra money and take you shopping. It might make the budget a little tight but to him seeing you smile is worth it.

As wives when our husbands make this extra effort to treat us it is so important we express how much we appreciate it. For him spending money, might put on more pressure to provide and if we are ungrateful he might think “what’s the point of doing nice things for her?”.

When He Gives in to You

This one may seem a little more obvious, nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that when your husband purposely chooses to put your preferences over his he is doing it to demonstrate his love and to see you happy.

A few ways my husband has demonstrated this is by going to see Beauty and the Beast with me, ordering pizza when I didn’t feel like cooking, giving me 20-second hugs (he knows that’s my love language even if it isn’t always his), letting me choose the restaurant. I know these are small examples but it’s really the insignificant things that add up to make a fulfilling relationship.

You may have heard the phrase that “Marriage wasn’t designed to make us happy but to make us holy”, while I agree with the overall sentiment of that statement. I do think God intended for us to receive great joy in being in a relationship with others. Happiness can be defined in different ways as I noted above. It can be a self-sacrificing gesture, a desire to make someone smile or to simply the daily effort put into a relationship. Overall if we can remember that our husband desires to see us happy we can avoid a lot of negative and unfounded thoughts.

What are some ways your husband tries to make you happy?

The First Year is Hard: What I learned from one year of being married

The early years of marriage tend to receive a negative connotation. These years are often described as the “hardest” or “difficult”. As I have pondered this phenomenon and whether or not it has been true thus far in my life, I came to a few conclusions. Yes, the first year was hard but not in the ways I expected.

Young Marriage is Hard

Thinking back on our first year it had its share of ups and downs. Even the year prior to getting married was filled with trials, stress, and uncertainty. In some part getting married closed the door on a lot of hard things. As we finally settled into our own place, the wedding was over and all the planning, and we were able to enjoy a time of relaxation and togetherness on our honeymoon. Overall life began to move into a less complicated routine. During the summer we both worked long hours and spent the weekends visiting family and friends. We capped off that busy season with a camping trip to Holly, Michigan with my parents over Labour Day weekend.


Fall + Family

The harder parts of marriage began in the fall. I finished my summer job in August and headed back to full-time Universty while Michael began looking for a new job before being laid off over winter. The uncertainty of income is always a stressful time. Couple that with applying and interviewing for new positions. Around the same time, Michael’s grandmother became very ill and passed away at the end of October. Personally, I’ve never experienced someone close to me losing such a dear person. Walking through this time of grief with Michael was at times challenging as I tried my best to be supportive but knowing I could only be so much to him. October is also when I have my midterms, I was missing class due to family matters and trying to stay on top of studying. The hard part was all the changes going on in our lives, some good like a new job with benefits and others heartbreaking and life-changing.

October is also when I have my midterms, I was missing class due to family matters and trying to stay on top of studying. The hard part was all the changes going on in our lives, some good, like a new job with benefits and others heartbreaking and life changing.

Cars + Collisions

The next difficult season occurred due to car troubles. In December my car died, and there was a week where I drove a rented one. This forced us to purchase a good condition used car, which I am very grateful for.

Only a few weeks later Michael’s beloved Honda Civic (pictured below) was destroyed by a deer. Prior to this, he had gotten stuck in the ditch during a blinding snowstorm on his way to work over treacherous back roads. Again I am so grateful he was safe! As a result, we purchased a cheap beater from a friend to make it through the end of winter. However, the car had an air leak and would hardly heat up for his 50-minute drive to work. Despite all these setbacks God was always faithful to provide just what we needed for the time being.

Red Civic

crashed my car.jpg

School + Sickness

The last part that I would consider as hard was the stress I experienced in trying to manage school,  home and getting really sick while also failing a course. Prior to finding out I was pregnant, I had a lot of assignments due at school and I became very overwhelmed with how I would complete everything. Due to Michael not having a car for a few weeks I had missed a considerable amount of classes and fell behind. I ended up not having a group for a group project because my group forgot about me and I failed that course. At the same time, I was so sick (from being in my first trimester) I could hardly keep up with my homework. As a result, I’m now taking three summer courses. I’m glad it’s now summer and things have settled down, but this past fall and spring were rough.


I wouldn’t say that our first year wasn’t hard relationally though. We’ve definitely grown a lot closer. Part of this is sharing more life experiences together, encouraging each other in our endeavours, creating our YouTube channel, living away from family and friends and growing more firm in our commitment to God.

Conflict + Connection

However, we still have our share of disagreements and times where we irritate each other or say things we shouldn’t. I’m not ashamed to admit this because every relationship has its struggles. Conflict doesn’t have to be a bad thing. On the contrary, it should mature your relationship and reveal areas for improvement.

If we never fought I wouldn’t know things in myself that I need to work on. I do consider myself a very self-aware person, but sometimes other people can identify things about yourself you are not aware of. At times this can be painful, which is part of the reason conflict arises. Once a couple can get past being defensive and blaming each other, humility and forgiveness can bring healing.

“Hard is not the same thing as bad”

Yes, the first year was hard. It was hard because of situations out of our control. Although I wouldn’t have chosen to go through these trials in the book of James we are reminded to “count it all joy” because trials have a purpose of testing our faith and teaching perseverance which will make us mature, complete and not lacking anything.

James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

In order to receive these gifts we sometimes have to go through difficult seasons. God doesn’t allow these things to happen because He’s punishing us or doesn’t love us as much as other times. Instead, He has a purpose for the events He allows. We have a choice to make, whether to become bitter and turn away from God, (which at times I wanted to do because it was easy and I was just tired) or we can lean into God and His promises to be faithful to us, to care for us and to love us unconditionally.

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

1 Peter 5:6-7  Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,  casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

The first year was not what I expected, it was full of ups and downs, tears and laughter, and lots of prayers. Near the end of it though we were blessed with finding out we had a precious bundle of joy on the way. To be honest I was kind of hoping that at the end of this season we would be blessed with a baby. However, I didn’t actually think it would happen. I’m so grateful that God saw fit to bless us with Baby K <3.

baby k

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