To the Mom Who Takes Her Kids to Church Alone on Sunday

My favourite day of the week is Sunday. I look forward to a slower day, time spent worshipping and learning about God’s word.

It’s the one time of the week I have an hour and a half without distraction. My daughter is now fully accustomed to staying in the nursery for that time. I don’t look at my phone and most times I’m sitting by myself.

To be honest as an introvert I don’t mind going to church alone.

A lot of Sunday’s my husband has to work.

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To the ladies in waiting… You deserve better

I recently read an article by a man on a popular Christian magazine site giving advice to the ladies in waiting. To be honest I thought his advice was a lame excuse for men choosing to act like adolescents and waiting for a woman to fix their problems.

I fear this sends a message to women that men have pretty much just given up on maturity and you must take the lead. To this I say wrong! Please don’t settle for a man-child, because real, godly, mature men still exist.

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