And Baby Makes 3 Newlywed Reflections~ Month 10

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I realize my last post was a little bit on the sad side, looking back I realize my hormones were going crazy during that time and as a result, my perspective wasn’t the clearest.

I also had a super busy week full of meetings, assignments, presentations and just trying to make it through to reading week. Thankfully I made it to reading week and spent most of the week relaxing, puking and trying to keep down food :p

Overall the break was much appreciated even if I wasn’t feeling the greatest! I also realized how important it is to prioritize self-care and not procrastinate on my assignments. I’m working on taking more downtime for myself, whether that’s reading, taking a bath or going for a walk and starting early on my assignments.

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Being Married Young is Hard Newlywed Reflections~Month 9

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Blogging is a platform to share one’s story. Over the past 9 months, I’ve been sharing snippets from my experiences being married. Although being married brings a lot of wonderful times, the last few months as I’ve shared have been hard.

At times I find it difficult to stay positive and feel hopeful for the future. Maybe you’re married and you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. It seems that for other people life is looking up, but for you, things almost seem to be getting worse.

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The Only Good Thing Newlywed Reflections~Month 8

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I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” Psalm 16:2

Sometimes it feels like life won’t stop throwing snowballs at you. I know that sounds like a terrible analogy but it’s winter and we’re going to roll with it. I think we can all relate to feeling discouraged and overwhelmed at times with our circumstances. Too often I focus on the negatives in my life. I don’t want to do that here. Instead, I want to share how I cope with the less than ideal parts of life.

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Java with Juli Podcast Review

What is Java with Juli?

Java with Juli is a podcast and ministry I have followed since it’s inception. One of the founders Dr. Juli Slattery used to host the Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast before God called her to start the ministry of Authentic Intimacy.

Java with Juli is a part of Authentic Intimacy. This ministry is all about sexMore specifically sexual discipleship. The ladies behind Authentic Intimacy apply God’s truth to all areas of sexuality-whether you’re married, single, divorced, widowed, dating or engaged they cover all topics.

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Thoughts on Singleness: How I Conquered Feeling Lonely, Unwanted and Not Good Enough

I write a lot on this blog of marriage and my experiences being married. I write about this topic because it’s relevant to my life at this point. However, before this current season, I spent a lot of time being single.

I’ve written a few posts about those days: Just Wait, When Everyone Else is Getting Engaged and Encouragement for Single Women. Although those were not the most favourite times in my life, they were necessary.

One lesson I learned was to be content on my own.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

2016 was by far the most incredible year of my life. Getting married, moving into our apartment, starting our life together and creating new memories with family and friends all contributed to a great year.

I’ve written before about how amazing the gift of marriage is and I continue to be thankful for this precious treasure each and every day. It’s crazy to think that in 5 short months we will be celebrating one year!

Highs and Lows

The past year wasn’t all good, of course, there were ups and downs. It was stressful planning a wedding. At the same time as being full time in school. In the end with many people’s generous help and support, t all came together.

Following the wedding, we enjoyed a relaxing week away (whoever came up with the idea for a vacation after one’s wedding is #genius). I spent the summer working swing shift in a factory. Although it was tiring and I felt like I had no time it was worth it to fully pay for my last year’s tuition and other expenses.

Finally, the fall came and back to school season. I was grateful to have more free time, but soon the stress of school became very overwhelming. Couple classes, assignments, group projects and life with unexpected family events, a car needing repair. It all makes for a tough end of the semester. Despite all the extra stress, God helped me to do well and in some classes better than I expected on my assignments and exams.

Throughout all of the events this year I have learned to cherish every moment with those you love. To trust that God is always faithful to provide and that no matter how overwhelming life seems it is only for a season.

Goals for 2017

I hope that in 2017 I can continue to grow in what God has planned to teach me. I’m looking forward to graduating and starting a career in my field of Family and Nutrition. I have no idea what this year holds, such as whether we will move or not, where we will travel or what new people we will meet. However, I’m excited about the possibilities this next season and year have in store!

best nine.jpg

What are you most excited for this next year?
What have you learned in 2016?

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5 Traits I’m Glad I Didn’t Settle on in my Husband Newlywed Reflections~Month 7

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The last month has not been fun. Between the end of the semester deadlines and ongoing car trouble, I’ve been struggling to not feel overwhelmed and stressed. At the same time, I’m incredibly grateful to our family for helping my husband and me over the past month. Even as an adult I still need my parents sometimes <3

Although the last month has been challenging emotionally, mentally and physically I’m so thankful I have the husband I do. God blessed me with an incredible guy

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