To the Mom Who Takes Her Kids to Church Alone on Sunday

My favourite day of the week is Sunday. I look forward to a slower day, time spent worshipping and learning about God’s word.

It’s the one time of the week I have an hour and a half without distraction. My daughter is now fully accustomed to staying in the nursery for that time. I don’t look at my phone and most times I’m sitting by myself.

To be honest as an introvert I don’t mind going to church alone.

A lot of Sunday’s my husband has to work.

I know for a lot of families this is the norm. For various reasons, one of the partner’s works or has to rest Sunday mornings. Even in my own family growing up, my mom worked nights some weekends and my dad would take me and my sister to church.

I will admit when I look around at the other families together on Sundays I do feel some sadness. Or when the message shared by the pastor resonates deeply with me I wish my husband could be hearing the same message.

Going to church alone can feel lonely and hard. Whether your spouse is working or unable to come. Yet prioritizing your spiritual growth is important.

It’s Important to Care for Your Soul as a Mom

After the service, I go to pick up my daughter whom I missed during the short time we were apart. Her smile and joy when we are reunited warm my heart. I as a mom feel refreshed. I feel more able to be a more present mom.

During the past hour and a half, I took care of a very important part of me. I do try to spend time in God’s word and prayer each day. Coming together with other believers is incredibly encouraging and uplifting. It is the one time of the week I can commune with others who share my same values and beliefs.

Going to Church Challenges You to Grow in Your Faith

There is rest in knowing you are with people who share similar beliefs.

Furthermore, I need the exhortation from our pastor to help me not stay stagnate in my faith. I appreciate how our church preaches verse by verse. It shows me how each verse is applicable.

I know all scripture is profitable but at times I personally don’t understand how to apply it. I find it helpful to have it explained and to reveal areas in my life I need to work on.

This past week we finished up 2 Timothy where Paul is finishing his letter. He talks about his friends. Some were good to him while others abandoned him. Some friends are meant only for a season. We are also to cherish the people in our life.

One thing I took away from this message was to reflect on the people God has placed in my life. I want to make sure I’m cherishing them.

I’ve read this scripture many times and I’ve never gleaned this application.

Going to church alone can feel lonely and hard. Whether your spouse is working or unable to come. Yet prioritizing your spiritual growth is important.

Going to Church is a Good Habit to Develop

Another reason I try to make going to church a habit with Lyla is I want her to grow up knowing that church is important for our family. Even if her dad can’t come every Sunday it is still a rhythm we as parents want to incorporate.

I have many fond memories of attending church as a child. It’s where I met some of my closest childhood friends and learned the stories of the Bible. For me, it provided the building blocks of my faith.

As an adult, I reconciled what I learned as a child with what I came to fully understand as an adult. It was through my own study that my personal faith was established.

As a parent, I want to raise my daughter with the same values and beliefs I was raised with. As an adult, I appreciate the work my parents did in raising me. They brought me to church, supported my friendships, prayed with me and taught me about God.

I am so thankful for that foundation of faith. It has served me well in life. I hope to instill the same teachings and values in my own daughter. As she matures she will choose for herself what to believe.

Develop Friendships with Like-Minded People

Making friends as an adult is not the easiest thing. I’m grateful to have met a few friends at our new church. It’s so important to build a community with local believers.

My husband and I have been able to meet some other young couples in similar seasons of life as us. Being able to walk through life together with those who can relate is very encouraging.

Going to Church Alone Sets an Example

Along with making church weekly rhythm, I want to be an example to my daughter. I want her to see that my personal relationship with God is something I choose to pursue.

I would prefer to spend every Sunday in church by my husband’s side. Yet that is not possible in this current season of his work.

Going to church is still important to me as an individual. It was important before I met my husband. Being married doesn’t change my personal convictions.

Furthermore, I want to be a wife that can encourage my husband on his spiritual journey. Sometimes the best way to do this is by example and prayer. I’m not always perfect at this.

I know that if I am feeding myself spiritually that I am doing what God calls me to. At the end of the day, I am only accountable for myself.

My husband is a strong spiritual leader. He has encouraged me greatly over the years. However, he is not Jesus. As individuals, we need to grow in our own relationships with God.

I choose to attend church alone because it benefits me spiritually.

Going to Church Alone is not Easy but It’s Important

If you find yourself sitting alone in church this Sunday remember you are making a difference in your family. You are choosing to prioritize your spiritual well being. When you take care of yourself you can be the best mom, wife and best self for those in your life.

Know that you are not alone in feeling lonely at church. Be encouraged God sees you and your desire to obey and follow Him.

Going to church alone can feel lonely and hard. Whether your spouse is working or unable to come. Yet prioritizing your spiritual growth is important.

What advice would you give to a mom who goes to church alone? Have you ever been in this situation yourself?

12 Replies to “To the Mom Who Takes Her Kids to Church Alone on Sunday”

  1. I have went to church many times alone and I can relate to feeling lonely . I do know those can be times we can really focus to worship and learn and remember why we go to church in the first place. I would advise others to focus on our thoughts. Think positively about going , listen to worship music on the way and look forward to what will be gained in the service.

  2. When my husband worked night shift, I often took the kids to church by myself. It was difficult but I’m glad I did it. That’s awesome that you’ve made this commitment to God, yourself, and your family 😊

  3. I often go to church alone with my two littles. It’s a struggle as my 2 year old is extremely busy and there’s not always a supervised nursery, but a few of the ladies in the church help me out. They’re my kids honorary “church grandmas” and I’m so thankful for them!

  4. My husband isn’t a believer so a lot of this really resonated with me. Especially the part about being an example to your children. We don’t have any yet, but I’m so glad that if we decide to, I’ll already have a habit of putting my relationship with God first that I can show them each and every week! Thank you for the encouragement!

    1. That must be really tough, it sounds like you are already forming good habits ♥️ thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad we can all encourage each other.

  5. My husband is typically able to come to church with me, but I usually end up sitting alone in the cry room with my 14-month old. I felt really insecure about both of us sitting separately at first, but I found I ended up talking to more moms when I was alone. It ended up being a good way for me to meet others, especially since it was a new church to us.

    1. This literally describes so much of the first year with my daughter. I totally understand!
      It is so nice to have that community with other moms. It definitely makes going to church worth it. As a new mom it’s hard to get out or even meet other moms.

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