10 Easy Ways To Save Money on Moving As Couple

No matter how many times you’ve moved it’s stressful and costly. Over the past few years, I have moved many times with husband and on my own.

In this post, I share some of the ways I have saved money on moving. Plus some tips on making moving less stressful.

Since we’ve moved for personal reasons we paid for all moving expenses. Over time we have learned how to save money on moving.

With summer in full swing, it’s prime moving season.

Moving is an expensive and stressful life event. There are ways to save money on moving. Some creativity and moving during an off season can all save money. #moving #save #packing

We won’t be moving for awhile since buying our house but over time we have figured out some ways to save money on moving. My husband also worked as a mover in the past. He always loads up our truck like a pro and without damaging items.

1. Find free boxes online to save money on moving

Moving boxes can be very expensive. With all the other moving-related expenses boxes are definitely one thing you don’t need to pay for.

Ask in your local mom’s groups, community groups or buy/sell groups for free moving boxes. Most people want to get rid of their old moving boxes and are more than happy to help.

When we moved out of our apartment we scored old factory boxes which were very sturdy.

We also got free wardrobe boxes to move all our clothes on their hangers. These boxes are usually $15 new.

2. Declutter to save money on moving

One of the first things to do when you find out your moving is to go through your things. A good place to start is your closet. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, you don’t wear or you don’t need.

Next, declutter the kitchen. Ask yourself what items you actually use on a regular basis and what items you could part with. If you have a random kitchen gadget you’ve only used once or 10 glass baking dishes you can probably part with a few of them.

Decluttering can seem overwhelming but dividing it into small projects can help make it more manageable.

  • one closet at a time
  • one cupboard or big drawer in the kitchen
  • one dresser
  • a bin of toys

The less stuff you have to move the less time your move will take. That also means fewer hours renting a truck.

You can even schedule a truck to pick up your old items instead of hauling them to a drop off center.

Moving is an expensive and stressful life event. There are ways to save money on moving. Some creativity and moving during an off season can all save money. #moving #save #packing

3. Sell Old Items Online

After decluttering your space decide :

  • what items to donate
  • what items to sell

Where to sell you items online:

  • Facebook marketplace
  • local moms buy/sell groups
  • neighbourhood buy/sell groups are also great places to sell your items.
  • Poshmark (if you are in the US)

Remember to take safety precautions when selling and always meet in a popular, public place.

Use the extra cash to help pay for a moving truck or other moving expenses.

4. Consign Old Clothes

If you have good condition almost new clothing you could sell them at a consignment store. I find these types of stores to very picky so you may have more luck selling online.

If you can make some quick extra cash it’s worth trying.

Moving is an expensive and stressful life event. There are ways to save money on moving. Some creativity and moving during an off season can all save money. #moving #save #packing

5. Pack Items in Things Other than Boxes

Getting creative with how you pack items is a super easy way to save money on moving.

This is one of my favourite things to do when moving. Not only are you not wasting money on boxes but you have to move these items anyways. It makes sense to fill them with your belongings for moving.

Use laundry baskets, hampers, suitcases, storage containers. Anything you already have that can hold items is perfect.

6. Book Your Moving Truck Rental Well in Advance

The end and beginning of the month are the most popular time for moving. These dates usually get booked up fast.

Book your moving truck well in advance to ensure you get the truck you want. And so you’re not driving all over the place to pick up your truck.

Research different moving truck rental companies. To find the best price and overall customer experience. In the past, we have always used the same company.

We’ve gotten damaged trucks, terrible customer service and having to drive very far to pick up our truck. Going forward we will be trying a different company.

Moving trailer

7. Move during the week

Although moving during the week is not always possible. If you can get the time off it does save money.

During the week and off seasons (spring, fall and winter) there is less demand for moving services. So the prices will be cheaper.

8. Make meals a priority

No one wants to cook when their house is a disaster and you don’t know where anything is.

Either cook meals ahead of time and freeze them. Or use a meal service. Although a meal service is not the cheapest option it can be cheaper and healthier than eating take out.

Or schedule a grocery pick up for soon after you move in.

Another idea is to buy premade salads, rotisseries chicken and veggies and dip from your local grocery store. This is an easy and hot meal to put together.

9. Ask Friends and Family to Help Move

Every time we’ve moved some of our family has helped us. Not only does this cut down on the time spent moving it saves money from having to hire movers. In exchange for helping we provide food and drinks.

10. Load the Moving Truck Boxes First

My husband was a mover so he always loads up our truck like a pro. The tip he always tells me is to load boxes first. Boxes are easy to stack together and then add in odd shaped items like tables and chairs. Use blankets to protect furniture.

Load the truck like you are playing Tetris. Stack items together as close as possible.

Moving is an expensive and stressful life event. There are ways to save money on moving. Some creativity and moving during an off season can all save money. #moving #save #packing

PS: Don’t forget to schedule mail forwarding before moving to your new place. This service does have a fee. But the peace of mind it brings knowing that you won’t be missing any important mail is worth it.

The post office will also update your address for all of your mail when you use this service.

What advice would you give for others trying to save money on moving?

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