Love Language Gift Ideas for Dad

With Father’s Day right around the corner now is the perfect time to plan your gift for dad. I find men the hardest people to buy for.

Yet, using your dads love language can provide great insight on what to give him.

With Father's Day right around the corner now is the perfect time to plan your gift for dad. This post will help you find love language gift ideas for dad.

What is your dads love language?

Before we get started it’s important to note what your dads love language is. Does he feel loved from gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time or physical touch?

If you don’t know your dads love language have him take this quiz.

Love Language Gift Ideas

Gifts love language ideas

Weber’s Way to Grill Cookbook

Weber's way to grill father's day gift idea

This is one of the favourite gifts I’ve given my dad. With father’s day at the beginning of summer, this is the perfect book to help your dad master the grill.

The book is a comprehensive guide to all things grilling. Plus it has tons of helpful pictures so you know exactly what to do.

Fun dress socks

Either you love these socks or you don’t. They add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise serious outfit.

Fun dress socks gift idea

Waterproof jacket

Waterproof jacket father's day gift idea

This coat is very well reviewed on Amazon, comes in many colours and is very affordable.

It’s the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe. It’s probably something they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves.

Words of Affirmation

All About My Dad printable worksheet

My Daddy Father's Day Printable

For young kids, filling out this worksheet and then reading it to dad would be a fun activity. You could even film their responses to make a fun video.

DIY memory scrapbook

Make a scrapbook of your last or favourite trip together. You could cut and paste a scrapbook of pictures or use a website like Shutterfly to create a photo book.

Conversations with My Dad Book

“This book offers plenty of guided questions to get him talking about his most vivid memories and important milestones, as well as space to safeguard his favourite photos and mementos.”

I love the idea of working through a book together with your dad to record things you want to remember.

Conversations with My Dad gift idea

Acts of Service

Offer to do some chores around the house for dad or hire a service to do it for him

  • Hire a landscaper
  • Buy a pack of oil changes
  • Buy car wash vouchers
  • Help him organize or clean a part of the house
  • Make him his favourite meal
  • Take him out to eat
  • Get him a gift card to his favourite restaurant or coffee shop

Quality Time love language gift ideas

Buy tickets to a sporting game, an event like an escape room or a food and beer festival.

More ideas:

  • mini golf
  • top golf
  • axe throwing
  • gun range
  • fishing
  • hike
  • boat cruise
  • food festival
  • jazz festival

To find more events in your area search on Facebook for “events near me”

Physical Touch love language gift ideas

Back Buddy Father's day gift idea
Back Buddy
  • A massage gift card.
  • Treat him to an expensive haircut at a well-reviewed barber.
  • Casper pillow, dads work hard and they definitely need a good nights sleep. Treat them to a supportive pillow (I’m seriously thinking of getting one for my hubby).
  • The Back Buddy. I saw this product on Britney Vasseur’s channel. It’s a great idea for anyone with a sore back and a lot cheaper than a massage.

Hopefully, these ideas provide the inspiration you need to make Father’s Day special.

Remember to check out the love languages here for a more detailed explanation on each one. You could also get your dad to take the quiz if he doesn’t know what his love language is.

What is your favourite gift idea from above?

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15 Replies to “Love Language Gift Ideas for Dad”

  1. I did a similar post on love languages for your spouse but this was spot on for dads. Iโ€™m mulling over ideas of what to get my husband and this helped tremendously!

  2. Love the way you looked at the different love languages. My husband is NOT a gift giver/receiver, so this is much more helpful than your usual gift guide!

  3. This is a creative list of gifts for Father’s Day — I would never have thought to try connecting them to their “love languages.” I think that’s a really unique approach and probably will lead you to make better purchases/choices that dad will actually appreciate (rather than just another item sitting around, unused). Thanks!

  4. I am putting together a scrapbook for my husband (from my daughter) and his love language is definitely words of affirmation. I never would have put that together though- this is great!

    1. That’s so sweet! I’m sure he will love it. Ya it’s a great connection to make your gifts more meaningful ๐Ÿ’•

  5. I just used this perspective to honor my husband for his 50th bday…for the love language of Quality Time we ended up at one of those axe-throwing places & all of my guys had a blast! I love the lingering memories we’ll have from that & it was more fun than gifting another tie…

    1. That’s awesome! I really want to try a place like that!
      Yes the memories are what count ๐Ÿ’•

  6. We’ve never taken the love language test, but I’ve heard so many good things about it over the years. I love the idea of figuring out gifts based around it! What a clever idea!

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