How to Make Mom Friends as an Introvert

As an adult making friends is not always easy. Add on being a mom and not leaving the house often it can be hard to meet other mom friends.

Being an introvert (and a type 9 on the Enneagram) I enjoy staying home, I don’t need a lot of friends and I find it difficult to put myself out there when meeting new people.

However, over the last year and a half I have made some new mom friends. In the beginning it was hard for me but the rewards of a new friend are worth it.

In this post I will go over some of the ways as an introvert I have met new mom friends.

As an adult making friends is not always easy. Add on being a mom and not leaving the house often it can be hard to meet other mom friends.

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Library Story time

I put off going to the library storytime for a very long time. Not until my daughter was 16 months old did we start going.

As an introvert and Type 9 on the Enneagram, I tend to procrastinate and I fear new experiences. I finally worked up the courage one day while we were at the library to inquire about signing up.

The following Tuesday we enjoyed our first storytime. The class we attend is for babies birth to 2 years. My daughter is on the older end of the babies yet she still enjoy the activities and interacting with other children.

At our library, story time is 30 minutes. The facilitator leads us through various songs, rymes and activities. The babies play with shakers, scarves and balls. Plus each week the class is different.

Church Nursery

Throughout my life I have met most of friends at church. For me the community church provides has been instrumental in my life. It is so refreshing to spend time with people who share similar values and beliefs.

That being said the best way to meet other moms or parents at church is through getting involved. When I was pregnant I began volunteering in the nursery. This allowed me to connect with other moms.

After I had my baby I had moms I could turn to for support. I also knew that I would see these moms on a weekly basis.

Drop in Center or EarlyOn Center

In Ontario, the province funds the EarlyOn centers which are a free, high-quality drop-in center for children from birth to age 6. In addition to providing activities for children, parents can also connect with early childhood professionals.

To find an EarlyOn center click here.

I love taking Lyla here because she is able to socilaize with other children, play with new toys and explore in a safe environment.

Throughout the month parents can also attend free workshops on parenting.

Lyla really enjoys going to Early On and I wish we had started sooner. It’s a great place to connect with other parents or ask for help if you are struggling as a parent.

Swimming Lessons

Although this activity is not free I personally think all children need to learn how to swim and not to fear the water.

We started swimming with Lyla at 17 months which for her was the perfect age. She is at the age where she is climbing everything and always wants to be free to walk around. In the water she is able to explore a new environment but still have help from mom and dad.

Me and my husband have had so much fun swimming with Lyla. In our class the parents help the babies float on their back and stomach, we play with pool noodles and other toys and focus on having fun in the water.

As Lyla gets older she will learn to swim on her own, but the purpose of this class is to get her used to the water and to spend time around other children.


A lot of moms especially in the early days or if you are a one car family find it hard to leave the home. For a lof of my first year with Lyla we didn’t really go anywhere, especially becuase she was born right before the winter.

I found a lot of community and connection through moms groups on Facebook. I’m apart of a couple of groups. One is for young moms, the other was a local moms group in my community.

The local group was super helpful to find out about events in the community, information about schools, doctors or anything else location specific.

Create a Loose Weekly Schedule of Activities to Attend

The best thing that has helped me connect with other moms is having a schedule of activities that we can attend during the morning without being committed.

I like having the option to leave the house and socialize. At the same time if we want to stay home one morning we can.

If you are a mom, how have you met other mom friends?

9 Replies to “How to Make Mom Friends as an Introvert”

  1. Excellent and important advice for young Moms. I think it opens your world so much wider by making friends. You can have help and support you need to get through those difficult days that every Mom goes through.

  2. The best mom friends that I have made since my kids were born have been through a mommy & me class (where everyone attended every week for almost a year straight) and then preschool. Seeing the same parents every week and having our kids get to know each other through class and then playdates has been a great way to get me out of my shell and talking to people I might ordinarily feel shy around. : )

    1. That’s awesome! Thank-you for sharing (: Ya it helps having some consistency with the same group of people.

    1. I can relate, some of my friends have kids but a lot don’t yet. I also moved to a new area so I’ve been trying the meet people as well. With my friends that don’t have kids it’s still nice to connect with them and go on a walk. They really make an effort to get to know my daughter as well.

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