How I Order Groceries Online and Price Match

As a stay at home mom one of the ways I take care of my family is by working hard to save us money. The best and easiest way I have found to save money on groceries is through ordering online and price matching.

If you are unfamiliar with how to order groceries online or how to price match this post is for you!

The best way I have found to save money on groceries is through ordering online and price matching. To learn more keep reading!

Take Stock of Your Pantry

Before buying items you don’t need, take a quick inventory of what you do have. Be sure to look in your freezer, fridge and all the cupboards that store food. Often times I think I need an item only to realize I already have it.

I also try to meal plan using ingredients I already have on hand.

I do this by writing down ingredients I could easily make a meal out of. For example if I have some lasagna noodles, ricotta and frozen butternut squash I can make Butternut Squash Lasagna.

Meal Plan

Next make a plan of what to eat for the week.

If meal planning scares you take 5 minutes and write out every meal you know your family enjoys eating. This can include frozen pizza or chicken nuggets.

Keep ingredients on hand at all times for a few meals you know your family will eat to avoid the temptation of eating out or not knowing what to make.

The Lazy Genius has a fantastic episode that breaks down meal planning even more. Or check out this blog post from the Lazy Genius that breaks down meal planning.

Meal Plan by What is On Sale

I also like to check what meat is on sale and plan my meals around that. For example, if ground beef is on sale I’ll make tacos, chilli, meatballs, or spaghetti.

Using that list for help, items you have in your pantry and protein that is on sale create your list of meals for the week.

Keep Track of Ingredients to Buy

Under each meal write down the ingredients you need to buy. This list will become part of your grocery list. While meal planning I try to find recipes with ingredients I can use multiple times. For example if I need heavy cream for one meal I’ll make sure a few other meals also use heavy cream.

Add Grocery Items to Online Cart

Next either using the Walmart App or the website begin searching for the ingredients you need and add the correct amount to your cart.

When shopping online you can also compare unit prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Use Flipp to Find What Items are On Sale

This step can occur before or after adding groceries into your cart.

Flipp is a website and app that searches all of the flyers in your area. You can also clip items from various flyer to create a grocery list.

I like searching for the items I need to buy on Flipp first, clipping them and then adding them to my cart on Walmart.

For price matching purposes each time you clip an item copy the URL and paste it into a blank Google Keep note and write down the product above the Url.

When you submit your price match request just copy and paste the text from the note into the form

How to use Flipp to Price Match:

  1. Search for items on your list on Flipp

2. Clip the items you want to buy

3. Copy URL of clipped item by hitting CTRL + C on your keyboard

4. Paste URL of the clipped item into a new Google Keep note

Order Groceries

Finally add the items to your cart you were unable to price match. Remember to shop by unit price.

In order to qualify for free pickup you must order a minimum of $50. You can also order items from the main part of the website and get free shipping when you meet this minimum. If I need a small item for our house this is when I’ll add it to my cart.

When you are ready click check out. In this step you can review your cart, remove items or increase the quantity.

After scheduling your pick up you have two hours to continue shopping or edit your cart.

If the store does not have the item you requested in the email they send before picking up your order they will list what it has been substituted with. Most times it is a superior product but there is no upcharge.

Before picking up your order the store will send an email showing exactly where to park for pickup and the number to call when you get there.

Submit Price Match Request

  1. After you have submitted your order, copy the order number.
  2. Then go back to the Walmart Grocery site and click on Ad Match.
  3. Paste your order number in the correct spot
  4. Go back to Google notes and copy and paste your list into the Ad Match form

Within 24 hours Walmart will respond by email on what items they price matched.
I usually save between $5-10 each order depending on what I’m buying and how much time I spent researching deals.

I hope this post was helpful!

If you have any questions leave a comment below.

This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share in detail how I save money each week on groceries.

Do you grocery shop online?

What are your best meal planning tips?

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  1. I’ve just started ordering groceries for pick up, but I’ve never thought of price matching on top of it. This post makes it sound so easy! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Flipp looks so cool. I just clicked into it and I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how much is in it. I don’t do a ton of online grocery shopping for the simple reason that I’m not sure if I’m getting the best prices and I’m really conscious of our grocery spending. Flipp will definitely help and it has ads for all my favorite grocery stores. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s awesome! Ya it really is so simple to use! I also have the app on my phone so when I’m out if I need one or two things I can see where they are on sale.

  3. Wow, this is so cool and definitely something I need to check out. I never know you could price match with online grocery shopping.

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