5 Ways to Cut Back Your Grocery Bill

The grocery budget… For me, this is always the hardest category to stick to. I’ll run to the store for a few essentials and $50 later I’m leaving the store πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈHow many of you can relate? As a home economist, I am passionate about helping families thrive. One way to thrive is to be in control of your money. Today I’d like to share my best tips for saving money at the grocery store (without using coupons).

1. Grocery Pickup

If you’re subscribed to my email list you know about my love for Walmart Grocery Pick up.
I like shopping at Walmart because, in my opinion, it’s the cheapest overall option. However most grocery stores offer pick up.
I order all my groceries online during the weekend and pick them up Monday morning.

Online ordering allows me to compare the unit price of products and know exactly what my bill is as I shop. Plus I can take my time filling my cart. After I check out I have two hours to make any adjustments.
At the store, my groceries are loaded in all under fifteen minutes. No more figuring out a cart and baby, finding parking, fighting crowds or picking up items we don’t need.

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2. Meal Plan

If you haven’t read my last post check it out here. In it, I listed my top 8 easy, go to weeknight meals.
Another strategy is to write a list of your families favourite meals. Even if this includes frozen pizza (which for us it does). Add those meals to your rotation.
Once a week or on weekends I like to try a more adventurous recipe and if we like it I’ll add it to our menu.

Create a Recipe Binder

Instead of looking up recipes on Pinterest each time. Print off the recipe put on page protector and start a recipe binder. That way you can easily flip through your favourite tried and true recipes.

3. Don’t grocery shop hungry

I know this one is obvious but it actually makes a huge difference.

Also, consider using a small basket instead of a cart to buy fewer items.

4. Set a cash grocery budget

This is something we just started this month and already we are more disciplined in our spending.
Using cash provides a visual reminder of how much money there is to spend. When that amount is gone the spending stops.
For us the ease of swiping a card is what kills our budget.

5. Save Money on Groceries by Going Back to Basics

save money on groceries.jpg

For a more thorough plan to really save money on groceries check out Save Money on Groceries by Going Back to Basics by Tiffany Doerr Guerzon.  

As a Professional Home Economist (PHEc), I thought I knew a lot about saving money at the store. After reading this book I learned some excellent strategies to curb spending at the grocery store.

Tiffany, divides the book into three sections At Home, At the Store, Back at home. In each part, the Tiffany breaks down how to cut costs on groceries. 

“This book won’t promise to cut your grocery bill down by any particular percentage, or that you will be able to feed your family on a certain number of dollars each week. I hesitate to offer specific numbers, because not only do grocery costs vary across the country, but food preferences, allergies, and intolerances change how individual families shop. What I am certain of is that by using some or all of the strategies outlined in this book, you will gain control over your grocery bill.” Tiffany Doerr Guerzon, Save Money on Groceries by Going Back to Basics

Start reading this book for free: http://a.co/dwp8eq4


In the At Home section, Tiffany details how to take stock of what you already have before going to the store, meal planning, snack ideas and food storage ideas. 

Next, in At The Store, Tiffany teaches the importance of comparing unit prices, buying in bulk, how to find the best deals on produce and meat, why you don’t need to shop with coupons and also the apps she uses.

Finally in Back at Home Tiffany details how to use the food you’ve bought, why cooking from scratch isn’t scary, how to batch cook and how to avoid food waste.

Each chapter includes a lot more tips and ideas. Plus the book includes recipes every home cook should know, apps Tiffany uses to save money and other resource recommendations.Β Β 

Save Money on Groceries by Going Back to Basics is very easy to follow along without feeling overwhelmed. Tiffany understands the struggle of stretching the grocery budget. As you read it’s clear she is speaking from experience and a desire to help others conquer their grocery spending.

save money on groceries

This book would make a great gift for students, newly married couples, or anyone starting out. Plus the ebook version is only $2.92. I like this version best because it’s easy to refer to while shopping or planning out your grocery list.

With a rating of 5 stars on Amazon, the cost of the book is well worth the money you can save in just one shopping trip.


To read a preview of the book CLICK HERE

What are your best grocery shopping hacks?


Learn how to stop overspending on groceries, stick to a budget and understand how the grocery store is designed to make you spend more money.

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14 Replies to “5 Ways to Cut Back Your Grocery Bill”

  1. Simple and practicle tips you have mentioned here and I must admit I do most of these myself. What I don’t do is note my stock before I go to the shop. I have never needed to, to be honest. I actually keep to lists for shopping. One is what I must buy, due to none at home or running low on, and the other is to buy if and only if on a discount and is worth the discounted price. This means I already have this product at home and can make do without it until later on BUT if it is cheaper than usually then I buy it. This has also saved me tones! I usually use this for products that don’t expire easily and that are usually very expensive.
    Thank you for your tips and I am intrigued with the book you mentiond about the 3 sections. I will have to read it and learn more ways of saving!

    D, xo || from https://livedreamcreate-d.com

  2. The number 1 rule – don’t grocery shop hungry! Lol. I’m trying to get better with my grocery budget.. I mindlessly spend all of the time and it all adds up so fast. The store pickup sounds like a good idea!

  3. I haven’t tried the grocery store pick up option, but I think I give it a try. It really does help to have a meal plan in mind before heading to the store. When my kids were young, we had everyone pick out a dinner for the week. That way, they were less likely to complain about the menu. As an added bonus, most of the meals they picked were less expensive and fairly easy to make too.

  4. I love the idea of adding to your grocery pick-up list throughout the week. That would be so much easier than trying to add everything all at once. I always forget something, too. Which means I have to go to the store anyway, which kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe if I try it this way, I’ll remember to add everything I need!

  5. Awesome tips and they are so true. I do online ordering but not while hungry (like some said about grocery shopping in store.) Recently I went to the grocery store for a few random items and ended up with SO MANY THINGS. Showed me that online ordering & picking up is a much more cost effective method for me to get what I need and not break the bank.

    1. Yes that’s a good point for when shopping at home! I totally agree it’s just so easy to walk out $50 later with a bunch of stuff you don’t need!

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