Sex, Jesus and Conversations the Church Forgot Book Review

What is one topic you wish the church talked more openly about?

Perhaps it’s sex?

In Sex Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot Mo Isom goes beyond the lies and misinformation we've learned about sex.

In her new book Sex Jesus and Conversations the Church Forgot Forgot Mo Isom goes beyondΒ the standard chat of don’t do this until you’re married or don’t look at porn or don’t dress a certain way.

Why can’t we have an open, judgment-free conversation on sex?

Let’s celebrate the act God created for our enjoyment

And stop shaming people into ‘purity’

Instead let’s look at sex with a view of the gospel and tell people that no matter what your past, or what you’ve done or has been done to you that you have inherent worth.

That you were created by a King who loves you and wants to give you an abundant Life.

The answer is YES.

Why does it matter what we do with our bodies and who we connect our lives with, sexually? Because you and I were created by a King, a King with specific guidance and direction for us. A King who is incapable of creating worthless things. We were created in the image of God. In that perfect image, created with everything of God-everything wonderful and spiritual and eternal-stamped into our DNA. We are not just here, we aare HIs. And that changes everything.

Sex Jesus and Conversations the Church Forgot Review

As you may know from my Instagram I am on the launch team for the book Sex Jesus and Conversations the Church Forgot by Mo Isom.

You guys this book is so good and timely. I wasn’t sure before I started reading it I would get through it quickly because I have a baby and I’m busy. However, once I started reading I could not stop. I devoured it in three days. I kept stopping to share snippets with my husband.

Mo shares her sexual testimony from being exposed to her dad’s porn, to hooking up in college and having her own porn struggles to awkwardly trying to embrace sex as good once married.

In Sex Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot Mo Isom goes beyond the lies and misinformation we've learned about sex.

I couldn’t relate to every aspect of her story but I really identified with the chapter on her and her husband’s struggles while dating. Let me tell you that season of my life was hard and full of challenges. I wish I had a resource like this book during that time.

Also as a parent, I learned a lot that I want to one day teach my daughter.

Such as having a pure heart produces pure actions.

That although we struggle God wants to change us.

One point that really resonated with me, was this: we don’t sin because we want to be bad. We sin because we think our way is better than God’s way. We think obedience means forsaking something good or we’re going to miss out. Whereas obedience brings life and protection from consequences, pain and separation.

In Summary

No matter if you’re married, single, dating, in school, young or old you’ve probably believed a lie about sex, your identity and what God has to say about your worth. Mo breaks all these topics down by sharing her honest and hard struggles and how God broke into her story to share there is a better way!

“I think we are often scared to hand over our struggles because we’re intimidated by the extent of the process we think will be necessary to work through things. But if I know the tiniest bit about how God tends to work, I know that HIs fierce compassion and our faith to believe He can break chains in our lives have the power, at times, to collide and bring instantaneous relief.”

If you’re looking for a refreshing view on sex in the context of hope, healing and soul refreshing truth be sure to check out Sex Jesus and Conversations the Church Forgot.

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