How we Celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our first anniversary on Sunday, May 7, 2017. I cannot believe how fast the year flew by! I know a lot of times the first year is considered the ‘hardest’ and in some ways, it was not easy but in other ways, it was truly one of the best years of my life. I love being married (most of the time (; ), living with my favourite person, having late night pillow talks and just doing life together (who knew grocery shopping could be so fun (; ).

Grateful for marriage

I’m so grateful I married Michael because he adds so much joy to my life.

I tend to be serious a lot of the time, so his goofy personality really evens me out. One example of this is when we had to go to the hospital early on in my pregnancy because we thought there was something wrong. He had to rush home from work and we had to wait in a hospital room in the ER for a few hours not knowing if everything was okay.

Although this was a very emotional and scary time for both of us, he kept me smiling with all his funny remarks. Thankfully we left the next day reassured that all was well and with an ultrasound picture of our tiny babe.

How We Celebrated Our First Anniversary

Deciding to start a family

Speaking of Baby K I never thought I would be pregnant on our first anniversary either. Initially, we were going to wait a couple of years before having a baby, although we both love kids a lot and were very excited to start a family. In the months leading up to us finding out we were pregnant we changed our mindset around family planning. Instead of controlling the situation ourselves we decided to trust God’s timing instead.

We trusted that God would give a child in His timing and if He did, He would be faithful to provide for this child. As a result, we found out to our surprise and joy we were expecting in February.

We were okay with leaving the choice up to God for a few reasons, first, we are married, second Michael has a steady full-time job in his career, thirdly I’m almost done school, we live in a reasonably priced apartment and finally we have a very supportive family and church family.

How we celebrated our anniversary

Even though the last year has been exciting and challenging, overall I’m grateful for everything I learned and where we are heading.

To celebrate our anniversary we decided to go out for a nice dinner after church. We hardly go out to eat and have never been to a fancy place, so this was a very special treat for us.

Michael let me choose a restaurant knowing that I’m a foodie. So I chose the Keg because they have amazing steaks and we’d both only been there once or twice. As I mentioned, in the morning we headed out to church (the same one where we got married), then we spent some time with my parents and ate a light lunch.

It was nice to reflect on our first year and some of the things we have learned with my parents. Then later in the afternoon, we headed out to the Keg as it doesn’t open until 3.

We both ordered steak and I wore one of my cute maternity dresses, even though I’m not showing a lot, it’s more comfortable than pants at this point. One downside to our meal though was that Michael’s steak was overcooked, so we politely asked for it to be sent back. The staff was very accommodating, and our waitress immediately took away his plate to get a new steak prepared.

The manager even came over to talk with us and offered free dessert (!). Which was so nice especially being that we are on a tight budget and this meal was definitely a rare splurge. I’m grateful for moments like this because it reminds me of how blessed we are, even in the small things.

Following our meal, we headed back home to our little apartment, got changed and went for a walk around our beautiful neighbourhood. We live in a small town of about 12,000 people and many of the homes were built in the late 19th and early 20th century on big beautiful lots. Our areaΒ is very peaceful and quiet and it was the perfect setting to end our simple but meaningful day together.

Our anniversary wasn’t a huge celebration, we didn’t spend time away or spend money on gifts for each other (we also didn’t do Christmas gifts). Yet, it was the perfect day for us. I’m definitely a saver and I appreciate good food and quality time with my husband so this day was more than I could ask for.

As a bonus, we got to see family and spend time worshipping God. Maybe in the years to come, we’ll have more extravagant celebrations or trips but I’ll always look back fondly on our simple first year anniversary.


Here’s a little throwback to a few of my favourite pictures from our wedding:



How We Celebrated our First Anniversary

142165175IMG_69021nowmHow We Celebrated Our First Anniversary

Thank you to Look N C Photography and Camille Marie PhotographyΒ for capturing our special day.

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