The Only Good Thing Newlywed Reflections~Month 8

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I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” Psalm 16:2

Sometimes it feels like life won’t stop throwing snowballs at you. I know that sounds like a terrible analogy but it’s winter and we’re going to roll with it. I think we can all relate to feeling discouraged and overwhelmed at times with our circumstances. Too often I focus on the negatives in my life. I don’t want to do that here. Instead, I want to share how I cope with the less than ideal parts of life.

The Only Good Thing

Going through trials

At first, when dealing with a tough situation I tend to be all downer. After a while or when I have to be productive and leave the house my perspective changes. I change my focus to what I’m thankful for or what I’m glad didn’t happen. For instance, the other evening as my husband was driving home from work a wayward deer ran into his beloved red honda civic (I adore this car too).

As a result, we are now down to one car. Yes, this sucks because it’s another obstacle we have to deal with at a time where we are trying to get ahead in life. I’m in school, he’s working and we don’t have a ton of extra resources to deal with these situations.

When he came home and told me what happened, I was incredibly grateful he was okay. After it all sank in though, I cried. I cried because I really like his car, we have a lot of memories with it and I like that he has something for himself that’s fun and he’s proud of. I don’t want to lose this part of our life. I also cried because we just bought a newer car for myself and now his car isn’t road worthy. It’s just hard.

Choosing to be grateful

Not long after this news, I had to head out to school. As I was driving and processing what had happened I realized I could either dwell on what sucked about the situation or what I was grateful for. I chose to make a list of the good:

  • Michael was completely fine, other than being shaken up
  • The deer didn’t go through his windshield, despite driving a lowered car
  • He didn’t have to wait in the cold for a tow truck
  • He didn’t have to miss work
  • He was able to drive his car home, despite losing a headlight and his lights not working
  • We can share my car and still get to school and work
  • He’s getting another car from a friend and his brother can safety it
  • Our other car is in good condition and safer to drive

I’m most grateful God spared him from further harm. The altercation could have been a lot worse. Michael explained that the deer ran straight into his car and instead of launching toward him through the windshield it flipped in the air and landed away from his car. It is so clear to me that God heard my prayers to keep Michael safe.

I’m also grateful for God’s continued provision for our lives. He always gives us just what we need, such as another car for Michael.

The only good thing

At the end of the day, I enjoy reading my Bible before falling asleep. The other night I came across this verse in Psalms: I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.”. This passage really resonated with me, because I’m realizing more and more each day just how temporal life is. All I really have is God and no matter what He is good. His ways may not always seem fair or right to me, but no matter what happens He loves me, He is on His throne and He is victorious.

Cars may break, jobs come and go, friends and family may be far, relationships have their struggles but what gets me through all this is knowing I have God in my life. He is the only good thing. The only perfect thing, the only thing that will last, the only thing that will never disappoint or leave me. I have to cling to these truths or else I have nothing in life.

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