Surviving Sarah Podcast Review

Surviving Sarah is a podcast I have been binge listening to on the drive to school and back. I come away feeling inspired, motivated and excited each time I hear an interview with a different guest.

Surviving Sarah is a podcast I have been listening to on the drive to school and back. I come away feeling inspired, and excited each time.

What is Surviving Sarah about?

Surviving Sarah is hosted by Sarah Bragg and each week she interviews a different woman to hear how she is surviving life. Sarah ends the interview by asking her guest a few things that are helping them to survive.

Following the interview, Sarah reflects on what she learned from her guest or anything that stood out from their stories.

What I’ve Learned

Additionally, another theme I’ve gathered from listening is that we may make plans for our lives but ultimately God’s plan always prevails. For example, one woman became a single mother while being a missionary. Other women have struggled with infertility or dealt with failed adoptions or unexpected pregnancies.

In other examples, God has provided opportunities and opened doors that some women never dreamed of like being an artist, or starting a nonprofit, or designing products to help with children’s emotional intelligence.

I’m learning to let go of my plans and to be open to what God has in store for me. Although I find this hard because I thrive on predictability. I trust that His plans are best for me.

Do the next right thing

Thirdly a statement that I have heard multiple times on this podcast is to “do the next right thing”.

In times of stress or feeling overwhelmed or even sad, listeners have shared how they have just done the next right thing. Whether that’s reading your child a story or making dinner, it’s about not giving up. I’ve tried to remember this phrase when I just want to quit or waste an hour on the internet.

Sometimes the next right thing is cleaning off the table so I have a place to work when I get home. That one simple task helps me feel motivated to keep going with the rest of my day.

Favourite Episodes

Cheryl Bachelder CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (episode 42

I’ve been most impacted by the women who have families while at the same time manage a career, business, blog or ministry. One very interesting guest was Cheryl Bachelder the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (episode 42). I loved hearing how she leads her staff with humility and poise. Although I don’t aspire to be a CEO the insight on leadership at any level was inspiring.

Mo Isom episode 34

My favourite and the most impacting episode I listened to was with Mo Isom episode 34. She is full of such Biblical wisdom and real, relatable, heartbreaking life experience.

I found her story very compelling to hear. I’m looking forward to reading her new book Wreck My Life: Journeying from Broken to Bold in the near future.

Overall my favourite thing about Surviving Sarah is that the podcast is geared toward women. Not moms, or wives or singles or working moms or stay at home moms. Just women in whatever stage of life they are in.Β  I hold the same value with my blog, I want to appeal to a broad range of readers.

Although I tend to write about what I’m going through, my intent is never to put my identity in being married or a wife. Those roles are only a part of who I am.

I want this blog to express who I am as a person, what my interests are and my reflections on life. Sarah has a good balance of women from various stages and life experiences on her show. It’s great to learn from women who have been married for thirty years or who are first-time mothers. Although our experiences are different we can always learn from what others have gone through.

I’m going to end this post similar to how Sarah ends her interviews by listing a few things that are helping me survive! I’d love to hear what’s been helping you survive lately too (:
  • Podcasts! I’ve pretty much stopped listening to the radio in favour of a good long podcast
  • The too rare conversations/hangouts I have with my mom and bestie <3
  • BathsΒ I love relaxing in the warm water and reading a book for pleasure (right now I’m reading the true story behind the Sound of Music)
  • Music! I love listening to Spotify while I’m cleaning, making supper or just hanging out. It instantly brings my mood up

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